Experimental Linguistics Module – Autumn 2011

Tuesday 2-4pm, Bancroft Building room 102.6

  • Module Description

    The goal of this module is to take students with no prior training in the methods or tools of experimental psychological science and provide them with the theoretical and practical training required to be able to critically engage with the Psycholinguistics literature and to undertake experimental linguistics research themselves. The module will include hands-on training in inferential statistics and hypothesis testing, experimental design, data collection (including training in ethical human subjects research protocols), and data analysis. The module will also engage students in considering strengths and limitations of various kinds of linguistics data, and how multiple sources of data and methods of data collection can be combined to enhance understanding. Students will develop their critical reading skills and gain practice in presenting primary source literature to their peers.

Week One: Intro & Admin

Posted by Linnaea on September 27, 2011

Today we discussed the assessments for this module, and discovered that I had, of course, managed to make a copy/paste error from one side of the syllabus to the other. To confirm my correction in class, the 1000 word presentation synopsis is worth 20% and the 2000 word experiment report is worth 30%. The assessments page has been updated, and a corrected copy of the syllabus is here.

We also reviewed the list of topics and papers that we’ll read and talked about the general themes and goals of the module. I officially anointed all class members as research assistants in the new Experimental Linguistics Lab. I asked everyone to start brainstorming about a name for the new lab. We need a clever and catchy name or acronym, like LIPS or BRAMS. Anyone with any ideas should respond to this post.

For next week, undergraduate students need to start thinking about which topic they would like to work on, and which other two students they would like to work with. We’ll match students and topics next week, and start the presentations on October 11.

Masters students should also start thinking about a possible topic for their lab meeting presentation. As we discussed today, the goal is to find the intersection between the methods of cognitive psychology/cognitive neuroscience and your own research interests in linguistics. Assuming the new lab is ready for us to start using for meetings on October 11 (which may be too optimistic), that gives us 8 lab meetings during which students can present. Since there are 13 students, at least a few of you will need to pair up. We’ll talk more about this next week.


2 Responses to “Week One: Intro & Admin”

  1. Danniella said

    Possible lab name: LABEL (Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics).

  2. Linnaea said

    That is awesome in all kinds of ways. I love it. Thanks.

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