Experimental Linguistics Module – Autumn 2011

Tuesday 2-4pm, Bancroft Building room 102.6

  • Module Description

    The goal of this module is to take students with no prior training in the methods or tools of experimental psychological science and provide them with the theoretical and practical training required to be able to critically engage with the Psycholinguistics literature and to undertake experimental linguistics research themselves. The module will include hands-on training in inferential statistics and hypothesis testing, experimental design, data collection (including training in ethical human subjects research protocols), and data analysis. The module will also engage students in considering strengths and limitations of various kinds of linguistics data, and how multiple sources of data and methods of data collection can be combined to enhance understanding. Students will develop their critical reading skills and gain practice in presenting primary source literature to their peers.

eye movement experiment seeks participants

Posted by Linnaea on December 14, 2011

Dr. Magda Osman and Dr. Shuichiro Taya in the Psychology Department are looking for a few more participants for their research study on visual attention. Here’s their description:

The purpose of this experiment is to explore the effect of ongoing tasks on visual cognition and eye-movement behaviour. The experiment is conducted in the 2nd floor of the Fogg building. You will be asked to sit down in front of a PC display in which a series of visual stimuli (ambiguous shapes and pictures of a daily scene) are presented, and to complete a series of tasks regarding the visual stimuli. Your eye-movement during the experiment will be recorded with using a camera-based eye-tracker.

You will receive 5 pounds for your contribution, after you complete all trials. The experiment will take 45-60 min in total.

You can contact Dr. Taya at s.taya@qmul.ac.uk if you’re interested in participating.


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